The God of the Boundaries Exists

    We know that the universe has boundaries. The First Cause of the universe must be a change inducer. If not, how could a change inducer be caused? How can this First Cause cause the universe without changing anything? This First Cause/Change Inducer must also be an existence source. If not, what caused the Existence Source? How does the First Cause exist without an existence source? I will call this First Cause/Change Inducer/Existence Source the God of the Boundaries. To emphasize that we are not yet talking about a typical understanding of God, while reducing awkward language, I will shorten God of the Boundaries to GoB for the next several sections.

    Be careful to realize how little I have actually shown. At this point, most faith traditions are consistent (but more detailed) with this conception of God. By faith tradition, I am including everything from pantheism (God is the universe), to panentheism (God has a soul, and a body, which is the universe, and they are interdependent), to deism (God is intelligent and created the universe but does not interact with the universe in any way except to keep the laws of physics running), to theism (God is intelligent and takes an active loving role in creation). To some degree, we have disproved atheism, but only if the atheist in question is very strict (denies the possibility of a first cause, change inducer, or existence source, even if that object is the universe).

    Is it possible that there is more than one GoB which caused the universe? If this is the case, then these multiple GoBs must work together in perfect harmony to cause, induce, and sustain the universe. If they were not in harmony, they would be at war and the true GoB would win. What then caused the GoBs to work together? We must have another First Cause, who caused the necessary harmony. Of course, this means that the later GoBs are not GoBs at all, because they are no longer first causes. That is, there can only be one true GoB. A GoB composed of separate parts is self-contradictory. For the same reason, we cannot have a second GoB appear after the universe began.

    Finally, we must realize that even though GoB is the root cause of all in the universe, it is not necessarily true that GoB controls everything in the universe. That is, even though no other can take control from GoB, there is no reason why GoB cannot give some control to others (such as humans). An analogy can help here. You have the power to place a pen on a specific location on your desk. If you drop the pen on your desk, you still caused the pen to arrive on your desk, but you did not control its final resting place. The laws of physics controlled that. Similarly, a father can make his son go to bed, but he can't make him sleep. If his son so chooses, he can stay up all night. If we have free will GoB causes many things about our lives, but we control the rest.

    Everything in the universe has GoB as its cause, which leads us to the understanding that nothing can exist that is greater than GoB


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